Factory Garden Playground Playhouses for Kids Wooden Outdoor Cubby House with Fence and Bench

Manufacturer of wooden products for children’s playhouse, playground, mud kitchen, sandpit, pet house, baby swings, shed, storage cabinet and garden supplies.


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Code PL005
Delivery Information Spare Parts can take up to 10 working days. Order before midday for fastest dispatch. The item will be sent by a courier service that can be tracked.
Recommended Age 3 years+
Approx. Assembly Time Approx. 2 adults, 5 hours
Assembled Size L120 x W110 x H105cm
Material Pine
Max User Weight 80Kg
Self Assembly Required Yes
Color Customized

Selling Point

Introduced, in Shanghai, Qingdao in Shandong, Yingkou in Liaoning and other places, hybrid structure construction technology has been applied to "flat to slope" projects, which can solve the problems of insufficient foundation bearing capacity and narrow space to a certain extent. At the same time, because the wood structure is lighter, it can be designed to meet the requirements of any building, so it is completely feasible to apply the wood structure in actual construction, and it can also save a lot of energy. The sales income from this part of the wood structure space can also offset the building The cost of transformation can be described as many benefits.

Of course, in addition to residential buildings, wood-structured buildings also have a wide range of applications in entertainment and commercial facilities. Although at present, the cost of wooden construction is relatively higher than that of ordinary buildings, but with the expansion of market share and the further improvement of technology, its price will become more and more acceptable to ordinary consumers. It is believed that wood structure buildings will have a broad development space in China.


1. Energy consumption comparison: After comparing the energy consumption during manufacturing, transportation and installation, the results show that the wood structure has the lowest energy consumption among several structures. Steel structure is 2.4 times that of wood structure.

2. Comparison of greenhouse effect: The results show that the greenhouse effect of wood structure buildings is the lowest. Steel structure is 1.8 times that of wood structure.

3. Comparison of air pollution index: The results show that the pollution index of wood structure is the lowest, and steel structure is 1.42 times that of wood structure.

4. Comparison of water pollution index: The research results show that the pollution index of steel structure is 120 times that of wood structure.


5. Comparison of solid waste: Studies have shown that wood structures produce the least solid waste during the production and construction process. The waste of steel structure is 1.36 times that of wood structure.

6. Use of ecological resources: After a comprehensive assessment, the wood structure grabs the least resources, and the steel structure is 1.16 times that of the wood structure.

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