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Code PL007
Delivery Information Spare Parts can take up to 10 working days. Order before midday for fastest dispatch. The item will be sent by a courier service that can be tracked.
Recommended Age 3 years+
Approx. Assembly Time Approx. 2 adults, 5 hours
Assembled Size L110 x W110x H150cm
Material Pine
Max User Weight 80Kg
Self Assembly Required Yes
Color Customized

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Among the many advantages of wood structure building, the most important is naturally its energy saving and environmental protection. The wooden structure wall and roof truss system is composed of wooden specifications, wood-based structural cladding and thermal insulation materials. According to tests, a 150mm thick wooden structure wall has the same thermal insulation capacity as a 610mm thick brick wall. Compared with the concrete structure, the building can save energy by 50%-70%.


Among all the main building materials, wood is the only renewable building material. In terms of energy consumption, greenhouse gas, air and water pollution, and ecological resource extraction, the environmental protection of wood structure is much better than that of brick-concrete structure and steel structure.

 It is well-ventilated and easy to keep fresh indoor air. It is recognized as a green building. In addition, wood-structured buildings have many advantages such as flexible design, short construction period, and easy renovation. Ordinary people may think that the wooden house is more than light and beautiful, and the weight is insufficient after being strong, so it will affect the service life of the house.


In fact, modern technology effectively solves the problems of fire prevention, earthquake resistance, wind resistance, sound insulation, insect prevention, and corrosion protection of wooden structures, and makes the service life of wooden structures more prolonged, which can reach 50-200 years. At the same time, its stability is also quite good. According to Gu, in the 1995 Kobe earthquake in Japan, most of the remaining houses were wooden houses.

In the impression of ordinary people, wooden houses are only suitable for the construction of villas. Therefore, in a country like China where the per capita land area is very limited, the promotion of wood structures faces certain difficulties. But in fact, wood-structured buildings are not only suitable for single-family houses, and multi-family houses can also be used for wood-structured buildings.


It is reported that the Canadian Timber Industry Association has cooperated with the Chinese government to introduce hybrid structure technology, using concrete, steel and other building materials in the wood structure. Combining wood structure with China's current construction methods, this combination improves the energy efficiency and comfort of the building, and at the same time can meet the needs of buildings with four floors and above, and provides an opportunity for wood structures to enter China's multi-family residential real estate.

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