Brand Story

In the 1950s

Chen Qingyou was born in a secluded small mountain village in Sichuan, surrounded by mountains, and the folk customs are simple, peaceful and peaceful. People who have been farming for generations still attach great importance to carpenters, so-called craftsmen and craftsmen. As the saying goes: men are afraid of going wrong, women are afraid of marrying the wrong man. Chen Qingyou’s father also hopes that his son will learn a craft. The so-called skill is in his hands and he has no worries about food and clothing.

Moreover, in that era, an unmarried man was a carpenter, so it was easier for him to find a target. Therefore, 19-year-old high school Graduated Chen Qingyou obeyed his father's order and decided to learn carpentry. In order to become a good carpenter, Chen Qingyou often spends 30% more time on learning than others. With his diligence and studious, he is deeply loved by his master, and the master is willing to pass on his skills to him. Since then, Chen Qingyou has forged an indissoluble bond with Wood.

Close up of carpenter's hands working with cutter in his studio
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In the 1985s

Chen Qingyou ushered in his first daughter. In order to give his wife and daughter a happy family, Chen Qingyou borrowed several hundred yuan from relatives and opened a carpentry workshop in the village with two carpentry apprentices. , Started his unknown entrepreneurial road. Chen Qingyou’s woodworking works well and treats people sincerely and kindly. Therefore, neighbors in the village and people in the surrounding villages like to find him to make furniture. Slowly, Chen Qingyou’s woodworking workshop business is increasing. The more prosperous. A few years later, Chen Qingyou, who has a keen sense of the market, found that more and more people in the city like to use wood for furniture. After many inspections and site selection, he simply invested in the first timber processing factory in Chengdu, the capital of Tianfu. . After years of hard work, Chen Qingyou owns a wood raw material factory and an anticorrosive wood processing factory. And provide long-term high-quality sleepers for railway construction. Later, the company's business scope expanded to the production of various wooden buildings such as outdoor pavilions and park antique buildings.

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In the 2008s

The eldest daughter Chen Xiao graduated from university, but she never thought that she would inherit her father's career and be a craftsman, dealing with wood and tools every day. Once, my daughter accidentally participated in an exhibition in a children’s outdoor play space, and stumbled upon that pieces of dirty wood with bark and soil had miraculously turned into various children’s cabins under the polishing of the craftsman. A little bit evoked her childhood memories. When she was a child, she ran to her father's carpentry workshop when she had nothing to do. Her father often used the leftover scraps to make all kinds of small toys for her to play with. After all, they are the descendants of businessmen and have an innate keen sense of the market. After many investigations, her daughter found that China’s outdoor children’s play equipment market is huge, and as a mother of two children, she deeply feels that a healthy and pleasant activity space is important for her.

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The growth of children plays an important role, so he opened a studio in his father's furniture factory to design and produce outdoor children's play facilities. After years of hard work and training, the eldest daughter has become a carpenter with ideas. Although her hands have been roughened for this, her soul has always been happy. The eldest daughter has inherited the excellent qualities of her father’s diligence and integrity. Don’t look at it as a small wooden house. She has to draw design drawings by herself and make samples in the workshop. In her eyes, different woods have different tempers. Carpenters are wood. My confidant, the unmodified log is chopped with a carpenter's knife and axe and carefully polished. It is reborn into another existence. This is the joy of the carpenter.

With the realization of one creative ideal after another, her daughter’s design career has become more and more colorful, and her ultimate goal is to make creative outdoor game facilities for more children, so that these children’s games are full of fun. The space carries the beautiful memories of childhood, allowing children to bring their feelings for outdoor games to grown-ups and become a beautiful fairy tale in the adult world. Her brand name is Jiu Mu Yuan.