Founder’s Story


Childhood is the most precious asset in life, and childhood games are even more rare gems. Whether it is poor or rich in childhood, it will become the most seductive magnetic field in life day after day.


Ms. Chen Xiao, the founder of Jiumuyuan, was born in the 1980s. Her childhood life was simple, happy and sporty. After school, she would jump rubber bands, grab stones, throw sandbags, or get into her father’s wooden workshop with her friends after school. My father used wood to make small toys. Looking back now, the toys that were particularly impressive when I was a child were a wooden hut and a set of wooden dolls. When she was a child, she especially liked playing house, and she could play with her friends in the cabin for an afternoon. Childhood is like a dream, which makes her extremely happy and can never forget.


After 00, mobile phones, computers, and tablets are their entertainment tools. As the mother of two children born in 2000, Chen Xiaoshi did not want to let the children indulge in mobile phones. She wanted the children to walk into nature and get close to the sun and the air. As a result, an action that allowed childhood and nature to meet again sprouted and developed in her heart.

Children’s childhood is to be in the wind, among sand, rocks, streams and small bridges. We also need swings and dream cabins. Ms. Chen Xiao has a special liking for wood. Wood comes from nature and brings her own The texture of the texture, she feels that toys made of wood are the ones that are really alive and breathable. She wants the children to experience this childlike world, and let the wooden toys bring warmth and happiness to the children.

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