Garden Wooden Playhouse Kindergarten Outdoor Large Toy House Amusement Park

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Code SXY-WJF-005
Delivery Information Spare Parts can take up to 10 working days. Order before midday for fastest dispatch. The item will be sent by a courier service that can be tracked.
Recommended Age 3 years+
Approx. Assembly Time Approx. 2 adults, 3.5 hours
Assembled Size L110 x W105 x H145cm
Material Pine
Max User Weight 200Kg
Self Assembly Required Yes
Color Customized


1. The material comes from Russian sylvestris pine, and its beautiful texture is highly recommended by designers and engineers.
Anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, anti-fungal, anti-insect, anti-mildew and other characteristics
Natural, environmentally friendly and safe (the original color of the wood is slightly green)
Anti-corrosion wood is suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration, flooring and furniture. Interior decoration designers also favor anti-corrosion wood
Moderate hardness, not easy to deform, beautiful color, clear texture, using water-based paint, no peeling or blackening, smooth surface
no decoration required
Simple structure
Gusset structure
No glitch
Smaller footprint and weight
The color matching of this toy room is very suitable for children's growth needs. Most of the products are rich in overall colors and have good recognition, helping children to distinguish different colors, cultivating children's aesthetic cognition, and helping children's future growth. And the log equipment can better fit the surrounding environment, so that the park can be integrated with nature, and truly experience the fun of being in nature.


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