Why do export wooden pallet boxes need to be fumigated?

In international trade, in order to protect their own resources, countries implement a compulsory quarantine system for some imported commodities. Fumigation of wooden pallet packaging boxes is a compulsory measure to prevent harmful diseases and insect pests from harming the forest resources of the importing country. Therefore, containing
Export wooden pallet packing box
For export goods, it is necessary to carry out pest removal treatment on export wooden pallet packaging objects before shipment. Fumigation is one of the methods of pest removal treatment.

Fumigated wooden pallet packaging box is the name of the wooden pallet packaging box after the wooden pallet packaging box has been fumigated. Countries all over the world have very strict requirements for export wooden pallet packaging boxes, and generally require fumigation treatment before export. The following countries have to repeatedly fumigate the export wooden pallet packaging boxes used for exporting goods to them, namely: the United States, Canada, the European Union, Japan and Australia. Among them, official fumigation certificates must be issued for the United States and Canada. The ultimate purpose of fumigated export wooden pallet packaging boxes is mainly to prevent the introduction of harmful insects and microorganisms. Therefore, fumigation must be carried out when exporting (importing) to some countries. Therefore, when entering the customs, it will be tested by the Import and Export Commodity Inspection and Quarantine Bureau.

At present, in order to save the cost of fumigation, many colleagues ignore the international requirements for the export of wood products, omit the fumigation or heat treatment in the middle, and directly cover the IPPC logo, so as to take customers at a low price. This is a serious violation of the law. International law is also a kind of irresponsibility to customers. Chen Changwen of Zhongmushang.com also wants to tell the new and old customers, especially the wooden pallet packaging boxes for export, that you should not save a few dollars (fumigation or Heat treatment costs) and risky use of unqualified products, this is irresponsible for the goods on your wooden pallet packaging box, and it is also a manifestation of the wood pallet packaging box manufacturer’s lack of emphasis on fumigation qualifications. Go to prison! ! !

1. Classification according to structure and method of use. There are four types: single-sided, double-sided single-use, double-sided dual-use and airfoil.
2. According to the forklift insertion method, there are three types: one-way insertion type, two-way insertion type, and four-way insertion type.
3. According to material classification. There are five kinds of wooden flat pallets, steel flat pallets, plastic flat pallets, composite material flat pallets and paper pallets.

Post time: Jan-06-2023