When choosing kindergarten furniture, is it better to buy plastic or wood?

Kindergarten furniture is the necessary supporting equipment for kindergartens, mainly including kindergarten tables and chairs, kindergarten nap beds, children’s bookshelves, shoe cabinets, schoolbag cabinets, cloakroom cabinets, toy cabinets, etc. The existence of kindergarten furniture not only provides great convenience for children’s study and life, but also helps to cultivate children’s good living habits.
According to the different materials used, kindergarten furniture can be divided into two categories: plastic kindergarten furniture and wooden kindergarten furniture. So, does the kindergarten choose plastic or wood when purchasing kindergarten furniture for the children?

For kindergartens, they seem to be entangled in what kind of material, but they are actually considering which of these two materials is safer. So, which of these two types of kindergarten furniture is safer?

In fact, whether the kindergarten furniture is safe or not has little to do with whether it is plastic or wood. The same is made of plastic, there are non-toxic and tasteless food-grade imported plastics, and there are bad-quality plastic materials with serious pollution; the same is wood, there are environmentally friendly natural solid wood and poor-quality synthetic boards. Therefore, not all wooden ones are good, and not all plastic ones are bad. Here, Haoqi Toys will introduce a few tips for you to identify the quality of furniture:

1. Whether the workmanship is fine
When choosing kindergarten furniture, we can first check the appearance of the furniture. Generally speaking, the appearance and workmanship of good-quality kindergarten furniture will be finer. For example, the corners will be treated with arcs, the bottom will have a moisture-proof and non-slip mat, and the colors and patterns will be extraordinarily exquisite, etc. These small details may seem inconspicuous, but they can reflect from the side whether the manufacturer has put their heart into the process of producing the product. If a manufacturer takes small details seriously, then the products they produce will be more secure.

2. Touch the surface with your hands
In addition to seeing with our eyes, we can also touch the surface of the furniture with our hands. Whether it is wood or plastic, good quality will feel more comfortable to the touch. A child’s skin is extremely delicate, if it feels rough to the touch, then it can be discarded decisively.

Three, is it firm?
There are frequent incidents of furniture collapsing and injuring children, some of which are furniture produced by some brand furniture factories. Therefore, kindergartens must give priority to the firmness of the furniture when choosing furniture. We can try to push and push. If it is prone to dumping, then don’t buy it to avoid accidents in the future.

In addition to the above methods, the best way to choose kindergarten furniture is to choose a professional manufacturer of kindergarten furniture with quality assurance. On the one hand, factory direct sales can benefit customers to the greatest extent, and the price is lower; on the other hand, compared with ordinary kindergarten furniture manufacturers, manufacturers specializing in the production of kindergarten furniture will be more professional, and the details can be more suitable for children. It is more comfortable and safer for children to use.

Post time: Nov-25-2022