What kind of paint is good for outdoor anti-corrosion wood?

The wood used outdoors will be very high, and corresponding protective measures should be taken. Then, let’s learn what kind of paint is used for outdoor wood preservation?

1. What paint is used for outdoor wood preservative

Anti-corrosion wood outdoor paint, because outdoor wood has been exposed to outdoor air, it will often be hit by wind and rain. At this time, it can be painted with anti-corrosion wood outdoor paint, which can effectively delay the problems of aging, deformation and cracking of the wood, thereby greatly extending the life of the wood.

Second, what is the construction method of wood oil

1. Construction is not allowed in rainy weather. In the rainy season, you should be more careful about the construction weather. Construction is not allowed when the temperature is below 8 degrees Celsius. For outdoor anti-corrosion wooden plank roads, floors and wooden bridges and other places that often need to be walked, it should be painted 3 times; the outer walls of wooden houses or the positions of railings and handrails can be painted twice. The construction time and frequency should be determined according to various weather conditions and use environments.

2. Before the outdoor anti-corrosion wood is brushed, it must be polished before starting the construction, especially the old wood products must be polished. Old wood products will accumulate dust on the surface. If they are not polished, the wood oil cannot penetrate in, and the adhesion is not good. It is easy to cause problems such as crusting, paint shells, and falling, which will destroy the painting effect and construction quality.

3. What are the operation steps of wood oil

1. Sand the wood surface with sandpaper, and sand along the direction of the wood grain until smooth.

2. Use tools dipped in wood oil to apply evenly along the wood grain position, and then brush in the opposite direction with too high penetration.

3. Wait for the first pass to be completely dry, see the rough state of the wood surface, and then do local grinding.

4. Wipe again according to the process requirements, and it must be dry before repainting.

Post time: Nov-05-2022