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We has prepared a unique product for you – the first children’s swing with a new type of hip belt that protects your child from falling out. This is why baby swing is so unique on the market. This baby swing not only offers a lot of fun, but also guarantees the highest level of safety.

Indoor Baby swing is recommended for children from 8 months to 3 years. We have used the soft cotton with a basis weight of 210 g/m² and the strong French seams, which guarantees the highest level of safety and strength. All parts are sewn from coarse two-layer cotton with a close-meshed knitted fabric. Our baby swing can even carry a load of up to 25 kg. IMPROVED STABILISATION

indoor baby swing is made of the best ecological materials. Material has not been dyed and has never come into contact with irritating detergents. All wooden elements made of selected, solid beech wood have not been varnished and are always finished with the utmost precision. Your child’s back is also protected by a raised backrest.

Thanks to a sponge in the seat section, our baby swing keeps its shape and always looks beautiful – even when empty! Wooden balls are attached above the holes through which a rope is pulled. These separate a rope from one hand of the child and decorate the swing. Your child can play safely with all wooden elements – these are not painted and have been carefully finished.

More information about the Scandinavian baby swing:

Front height: 21cm
height of the backrest: 26cm
width: 26cm
depth: 26 cm
Has safety belt with safety clip that can be hidden
Made from certified and tested materials
Seat and backrest made of strong material, which withstood repeated washing and drying
Child’s swing is assembled and can be hung up one minute after unpacking!
Baby swing is completely made in Poland.

You will certainly enjoy using the swing for years to come!
-Garden Baby swing can be hung anywhere – either on a ceiling, in a door frame or on
a branch
-The swing is the wonderful idea for furnishing children’s rooms. It also fits well to the terrace or garden.
-At each corner of the swing there are four wooden balls that separate one hand of your child from a rope
-Scandinavian swing is 100% safe for your little one. Neither chemical or toxic materials nor allergens were used in the production.
-The product contains no small parts that can be torn off and swallowed by a child

Tighten the knots before each use and check that the
Please note that depending on the monitor (and settings, differences between graphic cards, etc.) the colours of cushions in the original may differ slightly from the picture.

We only use certified materials of the highest quality
Safety, quality and strength are our top priority
We use only the best hypoallergenic agents to treat substances.


Post time: Jun-13-2022