There are four benefits of children swinging on the swing

Children have a playful nature, and swinging is undoubtedly one of the most fun projects. So what are the benefits of swinging for children? What precautions?

The benefits of swinging for kids

1. Exercise body balance

Swinging on the swing can not only exercise people's body balance, but also cure seasickness, motion sickness and other problems. It is also a good whole-body exercise in itself. When a child is on a swing, the human skeletal muscles will contract and relax rhythmically, which is beneficial to the health of the human muscles and to the activation of the bones.

2. It is good for the mind

Swinging is also very beneficial to children's psychology. It can continuously overcome children's nervousness and fear, and enhance children's psychological endurance and self-control.
3. Good for waist

Swinging on the swing is also good for the waist, because when a person swings on the swing, as the body swings, the waist of the person is repeatedly stimulated, and the muscles of the waist will contract and relax rhythmically. waist and abdominal strength.

4. Contribute to the rapid maturation of inner ear balance function

Babies often scratch their ears, buckle their ears, and pat their heads. The reason is related to the immaturity of the twins, and there is a mild abnormality in the balance. It is like feeling a foreign body in the ear after an adult takes an airplane. The immature inner ear can also show motion sickness. As it grows, the function of the inner ear gradually matures and becomes symmetrical.
Precautions for children swinging on the swing

1. Choose a swing of good quality. There are some shaky, or weather-beaten, aging swings that cannot be played. Generally speaking, iron swings are stronger, and ropes are easy to age and become crispy, which is prone to danger.

2. Be sure to let the child hold the rope of the swing tightly with both hands, not just because the child is excited to be carried away. Tell the child that the arm should be bent, not straight, otherwise it will not be able to use force. When the child grabs the swing, he should use some force and not be empty.

3. When parents take their children on a swing, they must remind their children not to stand on the swing, let alone kneeling, and it is best to choose to sit on the swing. Hold the rope of the swing tightly with both hands and never let it go. After playing on the swing, it is best to wait until the swing has come to a complete stop before getting off. Parents should remind their children not to stay around the swing, let alone play around the swing, otherwise they will be knocked down by the swing. The swing can only be played by one person, so as to avoid injury caused by two people playing together.

4. If the child is relatively young, 2-5 years old, parents should stay close to each other when playing on the swing. After all, the child's self-control ability is relatively poor, and the child will fall if he is not careful. So parents must pay attention.


Post time: Jun-11-2022