Process flow of wood spray paint

(1) Varnish construction process: cleaning the surface of the wood → polishing with sandpaper → applying moisturizing powder → polishing sandpaper → fully scraping the putty, sanding with sandpaper → fully scraping the putty for the second time, polishing with fine sandpaper → painting oil color → Brush over varnish → find color, repair putty, polish with fine sandpaper → brush second varnish, polish with fine sandpaper → brush third varnish, polish → sand with water sandpaper to fade, wax, polish. (2) Construction process of mixed-color paint: first clean the dust on the surface of the base layer, repair the base layer → smooth the base layer with sandpaper → apply paint at the knots → base and scrape the putty → apply dry oil → scrape the putty all over → polish → apply Brush the primer → the primer is dry and hard → brush the surface layer → repair the putty for repair → polish and clean the third topcoat and apply the second coating → polish → the third topcoat → polish and wax. 2. Construction points of construction specifications for clearing oil and brushing Grinding the base layer is an important process for brushing varnish. The dust, oil and other impurities on the surface of the wood should be removed first. Lubricating oil powder is also an important process for varnish painting. During construction, use cotton silk dipped in oil powder to apply it on the surface of the wood, rub it back and forth with your hands, and rub the oil powder into the inspection eye of the wood.

Post time: Oct-28-2022