How to preserve wood outside?

One is to reduce the moisture content of the wood. Generally, when the moisture content drops to 18%, harmful substances such as mold and fungi cannot multiply inside the wood;
The second is Paulownia oil. Tung oil is a natural quick-drying vegetable oil, which can play a role in anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, and insect-proof for wood.
The principle is as follows:
First of all, as a pure natural vegetable oil, tung oil will not only have no adverse effect on wood, but will strengthen, brighten and increase the quality of wood.
After the wood is painted or soaked in tung oil, the tung oil is fully saturated inside the wood, so that the structure of the wood will appear more substantial, and harmful substances such as mold and fungi cannot live in it. In addition, the oiliness of tung oil itself can also play a role in waterproofing, moisture-proof and even insect-proof for wood. The duration of the effect is also considerable. Generally, it is enough to brush the outdoor woodware once a year, and some even brush it once every two or three years. In short, the effect of tung oil on wood is quite large.

Post time: Aug-25-2022