How to maintain the beautiful appearance of swings

It is recommended not to let your child eat or drink on the swing. Also avoiding dirty hands will help you maintain the fabric piece beautiful and clean for much longer.
If you need to wash the fabric of the swing it is very easy to get it off from the wooden part. Firstly you have to open the rope knots and pull the ropes out from the holes of the wooden sticks. Then you can already pull off the fabric. For putting it together you must first put the wooden sticks in the fabric tunnels and then top the ropes through from both of the holes. Make sure the wooden stick in the back of the swing is on top and the front stick is under the other sticks. Make strong knots down under.
Machine wash with gentle program (30-40°C) centrifuge max 800
NB! The swings with bows or other extras need to be handled with extra care to preserve the original shape even after drying.
NB! Pillow covers which have golden or silver figures need to be ironed through other

Post time: Feb-18-2022