How to maintain outdoor preservative wood

Although preservative wood is good, if there is no correct installation method and regular maintenance, the service life of preservative wood will not be long. Here are some tips on how to maintain and maintain wood.
1. Outdoor wood should be dried outdoors to the same degree as the humidity of the external environment before construction. Large deformation and cracking will occur after construction and installation using wood with a large water content.

2. On the construction site, the preservative wood should be stored in a ventilated manner, and the sun exposure should be avoided as much as possible.

3. At the construction site, the existing size of preservative wood should be used as much as possible. If on-site processing is required, all cuts and holes should be fully painted with corresponding preservatives to ensure the service life of preservative wood.

4. When building the terrace, try to use long boards to reduce joints for aesthetics; leave 5mm-1mm gaps between the boards.

5. All connections should use galvanized connectors or stainless steel connectors and hardware products to resist corrosion. Different metal parts must not be used, otherwise it will rust soon, which will fundamentally damage the structure of wood products.

6. During the production and perforation process, the holes should be drilled with an electric drill first, and then fixed with screws to avoid artificial cracking.

7. Although the treated wood can prevent bacteria, mildew and termite erosion, we still recommend that you apply wood protective paint on the surface after the project is completed and after the wood is dried or air-dried. When using the special paint for outdoor wood, you should firstly shake it well. After painting, you need 24 hours of sunny conditions to make the paint form a film on the surface of the wood.

Post time: Aug-12-2022