What to Consider When Designing a Playset Though fun is the reason you are looking for a playset, SAFETY is the #1 priority.

Safety: Though fun is the reason you are looking for a play set, SAFETY is the #1 priority. Will it hold up to repeated use as your kids swing, slide, jump and swing some more? Will they have a safety-first design that prevents kids from getting stuck between bars or cutting themselves on sharp bolts? Choosing a playset you know has been professionally engineered and rigorously tested may incur greater resources, but the peace of mind it provides is invaluable.

Age and number of children: Consider the ages of the children of your kids, as well as the ages of your relatives and neighbors’ kids too. If you have a larger family or anticipate frequent young visitors, you’ll need to invest in a playset that has options for multiple children to play at the same time.

Space: Do you have a large or smaller backyard? Is your yard made up of oddly shaped corners or have tree roots sticking up? Is your yard level for the all important “Safety Zone”? All these factors and more will go along way in helping you choose the right Playset for your family.

Features: What will your kids love most? Are they climbers who get onto all your furniture and somersault off? Would they leap headfirst into new adventures, or would a ramp or some steps help them get there with less stress? Thinking about how to customize playground equipment to your kids’ abilities and passions will help narrow down some options.

Potential upgrades: Invest in a modular playset you can expand or modify as kids grow up — by swapping out bucket swings for belt swings, for instance, or by adding on a tall spiral slide when that will seem appealing rather than scary.

Post time: Apr-02-2022