What is the difference between paint and water-based paint

Paint can be said to be an indispensable wall material. In order to meet people’s decoration needs, it should be selected according to the actual situation. Let’s talk about the difference between paint and water-based paint.

What is the difference between paint and water-based paint

1. Hardness

The water-based paint is made with water-based acrylic technology, and the hardness is very high, while the hardness of the paint will be a little worse, and it is easy to fall off when applied to the surface.

2. Feel

The water-based paint is made of hand wax, which is more comfortable to touch, while the paint is not as comfortable as the water-based paint.

3. Wear resistance, yellowing resistance, durability

The surface brushed by water-based paint has the characteristics of being hard and wear-resistant, and it will not turn yellow after long-term use, while the paint is not wear-resistant as water-based paint, and the retention effect is not very good.
4. Environmental protection

Water-based paint mainly uses water as the diluting solvent, and has low VOC content. It is a non-toxic and environmentally friendly product. The paint not only has a pungent odor, but also contains harmful substances such as benzene and toluene, which is a highly toxic product.

5. Construction cost

Water-based paint can be brushed directly, but the paint can only be brushed after being polished, so the construction cost of the paint will be relatively high.
Where to buy paint from:

1. Functionality

When choosing paint, you should choose it according to the environment. For example, in the humid place of the kitchen, you should choose a waterproof and mildew-proof paint, and you can choose a sunny or rainy paint for the balcony.

2. Smell

You should also smell the smell. Good-quality paint smells a light fragrance. On the contrary, if it has a pungent smell, it means that the environmental protection is not up to the standard, and there may be formaldehyde. It is not recommended to buy it.

3. Than yellowing resistance

When choosing, you should also look at its yellowing resistance. It can be said that this important indicator, if the yellowing resistance is poor, it is prone to discoloration and aging, especially for white paint and light paint, it will be more obvious, you can use these two The same paint is placed in the sun, if the faster the yellowing speed, the worse the quality is

Post time: Aug-25-2022