How to maintain outdoor wood products?

1. The maintenance of preservative wood requires experienced carpenters and personnel who specialize in caring for preservative wood. The anti-corrosion wood company will have good technology and equipment. Of course there will be a big difference in price. For example, if the area is small, please refer to the carpenter’s recommendation for self-maintenance.​
2. The maintenance of anti-corrosion wood products is different according to indoor and outdoor, but anti-corrosion wood is generally outdoor, so the weather should also be considered in maintenance.
1. If the preservative wood is not painted with color, it is the true color of solid wood. You can paint varnish in the later maintenance. If the preservative wood has been built for a long time and the color looks old, you can add preservative wood paint, California red, Rust red, brown black and other colors are used more.
2. If the preservative wood is built with a color, then in the later maintenance, you can finally choose to brush the original color, or use a darker color to cover the previous color, which will look newer.
3. Repaint with special solid wax or anti-corrosion paint, and wait for it to dry naturally after painting.
3. When the weather is relatively dry, it is better to wipe the anti-corrosion wood floor with a damp cloth.
As long as the humidity is well controlled, the general solid wood floor can be wiped with a damp cloth. It is recommended to use a combination of wet and dry cloth when wiping, first wipe off the dirt with a wet one, and then wipe off the water with a dry one.
4, what kind of paint is used for outdoor anti-corrosion wood, such as anti-corrosion wood, promenade, leisure seats, etc., must be regularly painted with anti-corrosion and weather-resistant coatings, such as wood oil wood wax oil products. As for the benefits of applying wood wax oil to preservative wood products.
5. Materials for the production of anti-corrosion wood – If the anti-corrosion wood material is relatively expensive, try not to contact with sand in the later stage. In order not to wear and be more beautiful, it should be cleaned and waxed regularly.
6. The surface of anti-corrosion wood can be cleaned with general detergents, and the tools can be cleaned with brushes. The cycle can be one year or one and a half years.
Whether it is preservative wood or other things, only if the user takes good care of it, its service life can be longer. The above tips hope you can solve your problems.

Post time: Mar-25-2022