Give your kids’ cubby house a fabulous facelift for summer

With decorator cubby houses lately taking the internet by storm, this cute-as-a-button lemon delight ticks all our decorating boxes – painted in a fresh coat in this season’s trending colours it will make a pretty pint-sized footprint in your garden for the enjoyment of young and old. While you’re at it, why not also give a lick of paint in complementary colours to tired outdoor settings, accessories and planters to give your entire outdoor entertain area a makeover.

Get kids off their screens and outdoors as they first roll up their sleeves to help in the transformation process. All you need is a sunny afternoon, a little paint and a lot of love!

“Choosing the right colours doesn’t have to be hard,” says Dulux Colour Expert Andrea Lucena-Orr. “Create some punchy and fun schemes that will complement the look and- feel of your yard and let your kids have a say – after all, the cubby’s colours must excite and ignite their passion to play in the space,” she says.

Here’s how to do it

Step 1. Gather your painting supplies – Dulux Weathershield in your chosen colours(s), drop sheet, high-quality synthetic brush for cutting in, medium nap (10-18mm) roller, roller tray, 400 grit sandpaper, painter’s tape, old cloths.

Step 2. Ensure the surface has been properly prepared prior to starting to paint. Follow the label on the can for more information.

Step 3. Start painting by cutting in around the edges and hard to reach areas using Dulux Weathershield.

Step 4. For best results, begin at the top and work your way down. Paint the underside of your boards then the face. Use long strokes in horizontal motions from one side to the other. As a tip – never stop halfway along the board and return to it later or you’ll create an overlapping of paint which is difficult to correct. Allow to dry for 2-hours.

Step 5. Give the surface a light sand with 400 grit sandpaper and repeat steps 4 for a second coat. If painting bare timber, a third coat will need to be applied.

Post time: Mar-11-2022